Green Living Improves Your Mental Health


With the world using up its resources too quickly for the environment to cope and reproduce more help, we have to start to think about how we can live a little more sustainable. What could be the possible choices for us to live a greener, healthier life? And no, I am not talking about going vegan. What I am talking about is transitioning to green living. No, you will not be painting your house green and having the furniture changed to green. 

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Family And Mother Earth


Earth has been in a constant struggle. Just like humans, it is also facing challenges and problems brought about by the people living in it. Compared to a family living in a home in which we should take care of it, maintaining its cleanliness and repairing it when something is broken, that is what we should also do for our Mother Earth. But instead, people abuse their goodness to us. We do not realize how the Earth is taking care of us. Because without it, we won’t also have a place to live on, right?

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Green Living During The Pandemic


I carried this idea in my head that sometime in the near future, Mother Earth would give up on all of us and then, just wither. My mom instilled in me that Earth is alive and that it has “feelings” which are very hurt because people in this world are selfish. They litter everywhere, use natural resources as if it were never-ending, and then abuse the gifts from nature. That is why, in our home, we are very eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. Our lifestyle of such has served us well during this COVID-19 pandemic time.

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Teaching Our Kids To Be More Eco-Conscious


We are all suffering from the consequences that we brought upon ourselves when we first started neglecting our environment. Global warming was raised as an issue, and we continued to ignore we thought that was impossible. Then, we also thought plastic was the best invention there is until we realized that it had affected our planet and slowly, our world is dying. And now, even our mental health, (psychologists warn) are affected by this.

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