Green Living Improves Your Mental Health


With the world using up its resources too quickly for the environment to cope and reproduce more help, we have to start to think about how we can live a little more sustainable. What could be the possible choices for us to live a greener, healthier life? And no, I am not talking about going vegan. What I am talking about is transitioning to green living. No, you will not be painting your house green and having the furniture changed to green. 

A green living or sustainable living is a way of life that attempts to reduce an individual’s or the community’s use of the Earth’s natural resources. This way of living can give the Earth a much-needed break from all the harvesting, logging, mining, and pollution. What happens is with green living, we allow the Earth some time to cope and regenerate. 

So, today I have the benefits of living a green life. The first thing is that it reduces environmental pollution. The green lifestyle is where you start phasing out the use of plastic in your life and convert to a much more sustainable means such as glass or metal. To help you understand things more, let me put it another way. What green living does is, for example, you have a dirty mind. A mind plagued with anxiety, stress, or depression, switching to green life, can reduce the “pollution” in your mind. It cleanses the environment of the toxic things that humans put into it. 


Next, green living reduces energy costs. So, think about when you are in a social setting, and you are starting to feel a little more anxious than usual. You decide to sit in a corner doing nothing. What you are doing then is that you are conserving energy. The way you can reduce energy costs is through solar panels to power your home. This significantly reduces your electric bill. It saves the environment, and it saves you money.

Of course, green living gives you a healthier life. When you take care of your body and your mind, you live a better life. The way you take care of your mind can affect how your body responds. So, if you make sure that your mental health is at its best through green living, you will lead a better life. Having a good mental state is the best way for you to lead a better life because, as much researches have proven, we tend to have a healthier body and a healthier life when our mind is also healthy. 

What you can do is to plant your food and reduce your meat consumption. Go out and exercise more. Read a book, write a story or a poem, sing a song, do anything that makes you shake off your stress and anxiety to clear your mind, and give yourself a chance to breathe. This way, you eventually lead a healthier life, and this helps you to lead a green life. 


Lastly, it helps you raise a self-aware child, and it impacts change in your community. For sure, you cannot do much of a lifestyle change without eventually including your children. This can be a good mental health exercise for your kids as it teaches them how to be more self-aware of the impact of their actions in this world, and that is very important as most mental illness among children is caused by bullying and unintentional actions.

So, it is best to start teaching your kids to be self-aware of the world and what is happening at an early age so that they, too, can start impacting change in your community. Change starts with one person or one family, so while you impact the parents, your child can be impacting their peers. 

Green life is a way of living that does not change the world, but it changes you and your family. The impact of having this life is huge. It changes your life in a way that not many things can, and it changes life as you know it. What happens when you start this transition is choosing to give your children’s future another shot at becoming better.


From here, you also start to give your children a new perspective that can help them lead a life that is healthy not only for them but also for the people around them because a healthy mind speaks positive thoughts, which in the end helps in fostering a good relationship and impacting a change that this world needs. 

What I want you to remember from all this is that green living does not need to mean that you need to go vegan. It means that you choose to live a sustainable life, and that has an impact on the people around you. Green life is a healthy life, and healthy life is a happy life.

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