How To Live Green And Conserve Even During The Pandemic


We were all blind as to what this pandemic can bring to all of us. Even the wealthy countries, they did not see this coming. And therefore, so many people have perished which could have been saved. But then again, we were not ready.

Anyway, we are in this new normal now. There is no going back to the old world. This is what we have at the moment. People limit their interaction and practice social distancing. They are also limiting their exposure to public places for fear of contracting the deadly Coronavirus. This is understandable, and it is fine.

With that, what do we do at home? Do we think of ways to save water and energy? Do we save money? Are we supporting the less pollution movement right from our own homes? I know that it is not related to COVID-19 at all, but what else can we do at home that is productive? The virus made our stay at home without going out for days. Some people have not gone out for weeks or a month. Then, we should do something good or beneficial. I have thought of living green, recycling, and conservation.


Living Green

I used to eat all the junk stuff. Believe it. I have tried everything in the processed food section of the supermarket. My favorite bag of chips is Cheetos, and I can eat that super huge bag in one sitting. Of course, I would always pair that with a soda or milk tea. In the first week of lockdown, that’s how I was until I realized that living this way is not just bad for physical health. It is bad overall.

And so, I vowed not to eat in front of the TV with chips in my hands. I started taking care of small plants, and I also have herbs. As for my diet, I changed it and followed serving sizes in each meal. I do eat five times a day, and three meals are huge, not in calories but in nutrients. I try my best to eat a balanced diet of whole grains, protein, fruits, veggies, and some fat. The good kind of fat. In the second week of the pandemic, that’s what I did. I made a menu so that I could feed my brain and body healthy food. I also planted – living green from eating to hobby planting.


If you search for the meaning of recycling, the dictionary will tell you something like this: collecting and processing materials (things) that should have been in the garbage but was made into new products and reused. Furthermore, the dictionary will say that recycling is good for the environment.

Okay, this is what I did during the pandemic that has a connection with recycling.


I collected everything that I had no use for anymore. Clothes, shoes, bags, plates, outdated textbooks, pillows, plastic containers, old papers, baby things, damaged home and kitchen appliances that can be repaired, and other stuff. I posted these things online and said I would swap it for any offer of seeds, seedlings, plants, or flowers. Whatever.

In 24 hours, 80% of the things I took out of my house were bartered for what I asked. Now, I have so many potted plants in my house. I even have a cactus, and it’s so cute. It makes me feel happy, and well, we need plants for oxygen, and plants to need us for carbon dioxide. It’s a cycle. My “recycling” was put into good use instead of me throwing those things to the garbage bin.


I tried to turn off the AC every other night. This country I live in is tropical, and there are only two seasons – rainy and sunny. The AC is needed only during summertime, and we do not use a heater. So, to save energy and the bill, I stopped my daily AC use during the pandemic. I also limited my use of the fridge, I only open it up to five times each day and at 10 seconds max. This was such a great saving for my utility bill. Also, I had solar panels installed.

Yes, people. I was busy during the pandemic. I loved what I did, and I am still doing it. My energy was focused on how to live better instead of watching terrible news. I made ways to improve my life. And this was one of the many. Keep busy!

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