Green Living During The Pandemic


I carried this idea in my head that sometime in the near future, Mother Earth would give up on all of us and then, just wither. My mom instilled in me that Earth is alive and that it has “feelings” which are very hurt because people in this world are selfish. They litter everywhere, use natural resources as if it were never-ending, and then abuse the gifts from nature. That is why, in our home, we are very eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. Our lifestyle of such has served us well during this COVID-19 pandemic time.

My husband, at first, was a little hesitant to follow my lead. But I did not let this affect me. Being eco-friendly is a way of life for me, and he knows this even when we were dating. Not only that, I am vegetarian too, and two of our children are also vegetarian. I am not a freak like others think I am, but I love my body, and I only want the best for it. As for the world around me, I want my children to enjoy fresh air, clean waters, and bountiful lands. If I do not do my part, everything I have worked for and believe in would be useless.

Since we were all forced to stay at home, my husband set up an office near my greenhouse because he had to do his work remotely. I thank God every day that he is alive and well, and that he still has worked. Millions of Americans are jobless and relying on the package. It is a good thing for our family that we do not have problems feeding our three dragons (my babies) because he has worked. I have a little business, growing veggies, and herbs. I also make vegetarian meals and deliver them to my clients.


Anyway, even if he was not a veggie person, nor was he brought up to in a “green” home, I requested him to let me lead my kids into this kind of life. He kindly obliged and agreed. I was teaching him and our children how to live greenly.

  1. Learning To Love The Outdoors

When our kids were babies, I brought them to the park with me so I could jog. I have this jogging stroller along, and it worked out fine. The smell of those trees in the morning is perfume to me. Woodsy and the sun shining on the rich soil, which releases this distinct smell like no other – it is heaven to me. I know that right now, with Coronavirus, we cannot go out. And so the kids play in my beautifully landscaped yard or toil around my greenhouse to check the plants. They even named each pot.

  1. Reuse And Recycle

Before something goes to the garbage, we assess it. I have taught the kids to segregate scraps, from wet to dry, and non-biodegradable to biodegradable. I am proud to say that even my 5-year-old knows how to segregate the waste.

  1. Conserve Water And Energy

In our home, we have solar panels. The kids are equipped with how to use it. Our water system is filtered and runs on low flow. I have made it that way to avoid excessive use or misuse, for that matter.

  1. We Ride Bikes

Seriously. We do not own a car. Each of us rides a bike to and from town. My husband loves it since he works at Google, and it is so near our home. Like a 15-minute bike ride. The kids’ school, before this COVID-19 thing, is just around the corner. So near. And because we do not have a car, we help lessen air pollution.

  1. DIY Projects

I have great skin, and I owe it to my oils and natural skincare ingredients. Yes, I make my skincare and even my makeup. No kidding! My kids are also into DIY crafts. They sew some of their dresses and skirts. One of them makes overnight freezer goodies in mason jars. During this lockdown, my eldest ventured into the organic food business, and a lot of people in our community have been ordering her Overnight Oats. She even has gluten-free pizza.


We did a lot more, but these are just some of the notable things we did before and during this lockdown time that helps Mother Earth, away. I hope I share something valuable with you.

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