Anxiety Over Global Warming Misconceptions (A Therapist’s Point Of View)

A lot of people are not that concerned about global warming. They believe that everything in the environment is changing naturally. These people do not have this fear that one day, things will end up worse. That no matter how much each of them would try and save the planet, it is going to be too late. Knowing that scares me.

Due to my anxiety, I sometimes experience panic attacks every time I think about what’s going to happen in the future. I experience most of these symptoms, as stated by Alicia Clark PsyD:

Shortness of breath
A fast beating heart (some say they can hear beating)
Tightness in the chest
Sweating or chills, trembling
Feeling weak, faint, or dizzy
Blurred vision
Numbness, tingling
A sense of losing touch with reality or going crazy
A sense of terror, fear you might die.

So I asked my therapist if there is a possibility of me getting rid of the mental illness. And one of her suggestions is to learn the misconceptions of global warming. “Global warming has added an extra layer of anxiety to what people are already feeling,” said Sandy Shulmire of Portland, Ore., a psychologist.


The Globe Is Not Warming – No, the globe is experiencing the worst kind of greenhouse effect. The unprecedented rate of melting the ice of Greenland and Antarctica is its proof. There is a continuous decline of sea ice in the most known iced continent of the globe. So in evaluation, if there is a continental ice meltdown, a warming process is happening.

Science Have No Idea What Is Going On – Yes, there are cases that some predicted data in the past were not as accurate as today. Perhaps that is due to a lack of advancement in technology. But scientists did not change their judgment when they say the globe is experiencing a global heat. The Earth’s layers are continuously, and that is something. Science knows what is happening to the Earth, and people don’t listen.

The Earth Is Cooling – One way that some people look at climate change is the temperature. However, you just don’t go by that. That is because there are plenty of other signs that prove global warming exists. These include the three-millimeter rise of sea levels per year. It is the most suitable indication that the globe is expanding and getting hotter.


The Sun Is To BlameGlobal warming has nothing to do with the sun getting brighter. But yes, it is getting brighter. In the late years, it contributed to some warming then. But in the 1950s, it started to get dimmer. So scientifically saying, the suns almost have little contribution to what is currently happening to the Earth.

Humans Are Fewer Contributors Of Climate Change – No, humans are the ones responsible for the greenhouse effect. Yes, they only emit a tiny fraction of CO2 in the atmosphere per year. That is approximately 30 gigatonnes. It is much lesser compared to the natural ocean and land resources, which is 780 gigatonnes. But before that “human small fraction,” the system was in balance. The oceans and lands are absorbing the same amount of CO2 per year.

Volcanoes Emit More CO2 – No, volcanoes don’t. The truth is, they only emit a small amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. The exact contribution is 0.25 gigatonnes annually. If you will look at it, that is just less than one percent as much as human-made CO2. Therefore, it is “no.” Volcanoes are not at all responsible for global warming and are less likely a significant contributor to its damaging effects.


Water Is The Most Potent Greenhouse Gas – Indeed, it is. However, water is also increasing in the atmosphere. The only way for the atmosphere to hold tons of water vapor is if gets warmer. If you noticed, it all comes back to the contribution of CO2. Therefore, a doubling of CO2 (on its own) increases the globe’s temperature at one degree Celsius. With that, it leads to the meltdown of the ice, which reduces the Earth’s reflectivity on its surface.

Global Warming Is Not That Bad – Perhaps people thought that global warming is not a big deal. But no one claims it is going to be some crazy source of catastrophe. However, due to climate change, all of us can expect more droughts and floods, get more intense storms, sea levels will rise, the temperature will become hotter, and the oceans will become more acidic. And with that, the mental health of some people is also affected.

“If the patient has generalized anxiety disorder, he or she is going to be worrying about almost everything,” said Dr. Scott O. Lilienfeld. “So are concerns about global warming just one piece of the elephant? Therapists need to be cautious before focusing too heavily on one psychological issue.”

The term climate change indicates that the problem is a more intense phenomenon of drought, storms, floods, and ocean acidification. Everything about the Earth is changing, and if we don’t do something about it, we will have to pay the cost at some point. The point is, it would be better for all the species on the planet if we start reducing CO2 emissions. It would also reasonably be a lot cheaper now than if we wait and suffer the consequences later.

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