Family And Mother Earth


Earth has been in a constant struggle. Just like humans, it is also facing challenges and problems brought about by the people living in it. Compared to a family living in a home in which we should take care of it, maintaining its cleanliness and repairing it when something is broken, that is what we should also do for our Mother Earth. But instead, people abuse their goodness to us. We do not realize how the Earth is taking care of us. Because without it, we won’t also have a place to live on, right?

Our environment works just like our human body. It will be working smoothly if there is balance. But unfortunately, our world has been suffering from imbalance right now. Pollution issues are rampant, as well as the “throw-away” mannerism. But we should not give up on our fight. It is not too late to involve ourselves and our families in this fight to save the environment. There will be lots of struggles and challenges, but we can do it when we fight together. The first step would be to involve our family and friends by educating one another on how we can fight against the destruction that our Mother Earth is facing.


Despite the constant struggle that our Mother Earth is experiencing, still, it continues to provide us with our basic needs. As we learned in Science subjects, the food we eat comes from the plants and animals that surround us. And almost every material that we have at home comes from natural resources provided by nature. But how come people are so cruel to it? Maybe this is why catastrophes have been happening all around the world. Floods would not have happened if more trees are planted and are not uprooted or cut in illegal ways. How fresh is it to live in a neighborhood filled with trees and flowers!

Sadly, people fail to see these wonderful things from nature. Instead, people tend to use and abuse them. Pollution can be felt everywhere with the ever-growing number of cars and buses on the road. Surely, we will be breathing carbon dioxide in the long run instead of oxygen emitted by plants and trees. Power plants are also built up, producing harmful chemicals to the air we breathe. What do you think will happen to us if this continues? Will our children be able to live well in the future if we will not help our Mother Nature in its struggle?


On the other hand, it is also uplifting to know that there are pro-environmental groups who are constantly fighting for our Mother Nature against destructive acts from humans. Honestly, a small family can have a big contribution in helping our Mother Earth in its struggle. For me, if each family is concerned enough and willing to contribute in saving the environment for the future generation, the world will be a better place to live in.

One way in conserving the earth would be tree planting. This can also be a good activity for the whole family. This is mostly recommended in rural areas where residential areas have a backyard space that they can use for this purpose. Planting trees is a great way to bring back the freshness of the air that we once have. Due to the ever-growing population, including the rise of the number of vehicles, the air has not been that clean, which can also be the cause of many diseases that have been bombarding the world nowadays.


Another way that a family can do in saving the environment is to practice waste segregation. Waste segregation is to separate wet and dry wastes, so you will know which ones to recycle or not. Kids should learn to separate wastes at home and to minimize throwing garbage as much as possible. I believe that if this is practiced by every household member and not just kids, our surroundings will become better.

As for helping in preventing pollution, you can minimize the use of your vehicle and take public transportation instead. In this way, you can save money for gasoline as well as not contributing to the polluted smoke produced by your car. Of course, there are really important errands that need the use of our vehicle, but you may use it if it’s needed.

As we look at our Mother Earth, it makes me realize that she’s just like a mother in a family. It still cares for us and gives us what we need even if we are stubborn. She is tireless when it comes to her needy children. So, we should take good care of her in return, just like how we take care of our mother. We should not wait for her to get sick before taking action.

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