Top Reasons Why Urban Green Spaces Should Be The Next Big Thing

The 2017 Shreveport Conference shed some light on why urban green spaces should be the next big thing. If this term is unfamiliar to you, it’s just basically backyards, parks, and other public areas that help lower the city’s carbon emission levels. It means that it’s full of greens. 

So, why are these spaces beneficial to the public? Let’s list down the top reasons why. 

Reduced Carbon Emissions


One benefit of green roofs is that it acts as sinks for carbon dioxide (CO2), the primary gas affecting climate change. Studies found out that for every 100 square meters of green roof, the level of CO2 also lowers by 1.8 tons per year. This condition produces extra oxygen needed enough for 100 to 150 people per year. 

Fights Urban Heat Island Effect

Urban heat island effect occurs in built-up, urban areas that are hotter than surrounding rural areas. The more pavement you pass by, the hotter you will feel. It means that you will feel comfortable with the weather should you replace these pavements with green spaces. 

It is essential to fight the urban heat island effect since it affects the efficiency and health conditions of the city. These consequences include increased greenhouse gases and air pollutants, higher energy consumption, compromised health and comfort for the people, and impaired water quality. 

Lowers The Inhabitants’ Stress Levels

Staying away from different types of road noise can reduce your stress level and eventually improve your mood. Being surrounded by nature, city life provides better health and well-being among the citizens. Therefore, those cities that build their green areas convince their people to walk or rest in these spaces at least once a day so that they’ll feel more relaxed. 

More Attractive Cities


Aside from providing environmental benefits, it also has perks on aesthetics. Decorating buildings and outdoor places with grasses or plants create an attractive space for those individuals who spend most of their time there. Believe it or not, this kind of environment will most likely boost creativity and eventually encourage innovation. 

If you want to familiarize yourself with this concept more, check out Reykjavik, Iceland. This place is known for its environmental appeal due to its green spaces, high level of biodiversity, and good air quality.