2016 Dallas Environmental Forum: Ways To Avoid Overexposure To Air Pollution

Before signing up to the 2016 Dallas Environmental Forum, I thought that conventions similar to that discuss the same things. For instance, why are we experiencing climate change now? Who’s to blame for all the garbages that pollute waters and forests? How can we reduce the adverse effects of tech advancements to Mother Nature?

The answers to these questions did come up during the event – that is correct. However, they also gave information about something that everyone needs now to prevent acquiring air-borne diseases. Check out the different ways to avoid overexposure to air pollution below.

Source: flickr.com

1. Get An Air Purifier

The most stress-free thing that you can do is to filter the air you breathe in as soon as possible. There’s a study in China, one of the most polluted countries in the world, in which the researchers placed a purifier in a dormitory for some time. The respondents mentioned that not only did the air become fresher, but they also felt less stress. Hence, we see no reason for you not to get one for your house or office too.

2. Reduce Smoke Production At Home

Being indoors all the time cannot guarantee that you are safe from air pollution compared to others. If you still utilize a gas stove instead of a fireless hot plate for cooking, for example, you can inhale the fumes coming out of it. In case you light woods in the fireplace often, you are also exposing yourself to pollutants. The solution here is to seek alternative sources of heat when you’re at home.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Use Your Car Less

Lastly, to avoid overexposure to air pollution, you need to stop contributing to the problem as well. One of the primary sources of pollutants in cities is the smoke that cars emit. The more vehicles are running on the road, the worse the air condition can become. If you walk or ride a bike instead of taking your car all the time, though, you can undeniably be a part of the solution.


Shield yourself against air pollution by following the tips above. Good luck!